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Perfection Restumping & Underpinning is a name that is associated with quality, reliability and cost-effective underpinning services. Being an experienced underpinning and restumping specialists, we provide the safest and the best quality underpinning and restumping services beyond the expectations of our clients. We understand that some property owners out there are looking for a way to toughen or increase the durability of the foundation of their building. In that case, underpinning or restumping is the best way to amplify the strength and endurance of the foundation of a structure. That being said, our experienced and knowledgeable professionals check your property and search for signs of damages caused due to foundation problems. In that case, the following issues highlight the reasons that cause problems in the foundation of a building. Leakage When pipes become old, blocked or get damaged, it leads to the formation of cracks which cause water leakage. This allows water to seep into the base of the building directly or indirectly that collects near the building foundation. Dripping outdoor taps and leaking gutters are the sources of this kind of problems. Nearby developments Adjacent construction is also one of the reasons that impact the foundation of a structure. Furthermore, renovation and construction work also cause soil erosion and voids which can be dangerous during the monsoon season since it badly affects the stability of the soil near the foundation of the building. Roots of trees Loose joints or cracks tend to attract roots of trees that are searching for water in areas near your house. In these kinds of situation, aggressive tree roots tend to break water pipes to get water that leads to water spillage thereby water seeping to the foundation of the structure and affects the stability of the foundation. Well, whatever the issue we can assure you the best solution for restumping or undermining Melbourne that will only make your foundation stronger and better than before.

Floor Levelling Victoria

We have been levelling floors for individual clients for a long time as well as our professionals have worked on large projects of shopping centres, office building etcetera. In addition, we make sure to work in accordance with your budget so that you do not have to incur any extra costs at the end of the project. Nevertheless, our professionals do not hesitate to work extra to deliver the finest quality results beyond the expectations of our clients.



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