Why Choose Brisbane Roof Restorations

Questions you should ask before you decide who restores your roof.

1) Do they have a BSA Licence?
We do and we display it in all our quotes. It’s the first step of separating the “cowboys” from the professionals.
2) Are they covered by Worker’s Compensation?
All of our staff are covered by “WorkCover QLD”. It could cost you thousands if anyone non-insured was injured working in your premises.
3) Do they have public liability cover?
One of the main criteria of a serious operator. We have $10 000 000.00 liability cover with CGU Insurance.
4) Do they employ trades people?
Beware of companies that don’t use qualified trades people to cut costs on labour, as trades people demand and deserve higher pay rates. All our staff have qualifications in their respective trades.
5) How long have they been in business?
There are more and more operators popping up everywhere trying to make a quick buck (here today – gone tomorrow). We specialize in roof restorations and have been involved in the coating and roofing industry since 1981.
6) Do they give a written guarantee?
Because we believe in the quality of the products we use and the work we do, we offer a 10 year guarantee!
7) Do they take every precaution to care for your property?
Every possible precaution is taken to ensure your home is left clean. We treat it as if it were our own.
8) Do they use premium products?
All reputable companies use an acrylic membrane coating, but quality differs. We proudly use Bluescope Steel, Colortile and Shieldcoat – the leaders in their field.
9) Do they have quality control check?
On completion of each job, before you make the final payment, we carry out a thorough inspection, to ensure the quality of work adheres to our strict standards!

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